You know my name
But you don’t know my story
You don’t know what I’ve been through
Or what I haven’t
What I’ve experience and what I will never
You know my name
But that’s doesn’t tell you my story

You see my smile
But not my pain
You see me happy and think I’m okay
When secretly I’m crying behind this cover
You think I’m happy with life
When actually I’m not, not the slightest bit
You see my smile
But that means you don’t see my pain

You notice my cuts
But not my scars
You notice those marks all over me
But I just tell you there from my cat
You don’t notice the scars they leave behind
Only there for me
Reflecting the pain I’ve been through
You notice me cuts
But you never see my scars

You can read my lips
But not my mind
I can say one thing
But think the complete opposite
I can tell you I’m happy
When really I’m sad
I can tell you nothing’s wrong
When everything’s wrong
You can read my lips
But you can never read my mind